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Novalliance offers a broad range of solutions for strengthening business development and customer support team performance. Below are some of the options you can choose depending on the size of your group.

Large Sales Organizations

To establish the most effective, culturally-aligned performance improvement approach, apply our Strategy Optimization Process™. Review our Business Development Competency Modules for more information on program options.

To enable your business development team to escape the impact of commoditization, Novalliance can assist you in totally re-engineering your sales process to increase customer value, strengthen transaction control and improve differentiation from competition. For more information on our breakthrough Sales Process Optimizer™, contact us.

Independent Businesses or Mid-Sized Organizations

For companies desiring a highly effective, ongoing professional development solution within a restricted budget, Novalliance has created The Sales Performance Partnering Program™, which gives you the flexibility to select appropriate focus areas for your team and create your own “branded” program. Review our Novalliance Business Development Competency Modules for more information on learning program options. For complete details, contact Novalliance today.

Business Devlopment Competency Modules
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