virtual sales performance coach™

Virtual Sales Performance Coach

Novalliance’s next generation sales resource and team collaboration center to increase competence, confidence, customer value and revenue performance.

The Virtual Sales Performance Coach™ is a leading edge Sales 2.0 performance support toolbox combined with an always-available team collaboration “nerve center” that will strengthen your organization’s market awareness, competitiveness, value creation ability and overall revenue results. This web-based resource provides access to an ever-expanding portfolio of on-demand sales skill review modules, field application tools and sales-critical information that will motivate your customer-facing professionals and elevate their knowledge, confidence, resourcefulness and effectiveness on a continual basis.

Virtual Sales Performance Coach

Perhaps the greatest value of The Virtual Sales Performance Coach™ is the open communication platform that enables team members to collaborate on current sales opportunities and issues vital to their performance.

Rich and focused interactions amongst veterans and “rookies” will strengthen the collective awareness, competence and agility of your employees, while simultaneously creating a lasting “knowledge library” to benefit all in future years.

As a result, your customers and prospects can expect quicker responses and more innovative solutions to address their critical business issues, which will mean more business for your company sooner!

Progressive sales leaders are already integrating these breakthrough tools to secure a strategic competitive advantage within their industries.

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